Thinking about Lu

This post is about Lu, my best friend. She has her own blog on a different website and I read it and it really made me think. She’s so precious and I wish she’d know how much I love her. She’s an angel of the highest kind, she’s so beautiful inside and undoubtedly, out as well. I’ve never met a single soul with a genuine bad word about her. Nothing that I’d listen to anyway – we all know jealous people say crap about a good person to make themselves feel better. She deserves the world. I know she feels like she doesn’t, but she does, and I wish I could give it to her. The way she feels about herself makes my heart hurt in so many ways – if only she could see herself through my eyes. She thinks she’s unlovable – the word she’s looking for is incredible. She thinks she’s too emotional – the word is sensitive. She thinks she’s fat (I know it’s the BDD talking but) Jesus Christ she has the kind of body we’re all bloody jealous of. Slim and tiny with curves in the right places. I’ve never met a girl who isn’t jealous of Lu, whether they admit it or not. And not just because of the way she looks – her goodness shines out of her like a beacon of light. If you’ve never seen Lu with an animal, you haven’t seen real purity. It’s the kind of experience that leaves you wordless because it’s so beautiful. Animals love her. They just fucking know how good and pure she is. When an animal likes someone, you know they’re good. She gives them her whole, undivided attention and gets lost and it’s so beautiful. It’s cleansing to watch. It’s like she talks to them in a whole different language and they understand completely. My boys love her beyond words. My dear deceased Russia adored Lu and she didn’t like anyone but me. That says something. I know she thinks she’s mediocre but Jesus, having that kind of bond with every animal she comes across is anything other than that. Watching her with an animal is like watching unadulterated joy happen and it convinces me fully that she needs to be around animals for the rest of her life. She’s such a wonderful human being and one of my closest loves and the fact that she’s been so hurt by people breaks my heart. But you know it’s always the good ones that get hurt because they always care. And that’s never a bad thing. Lucy, I’m always here for you. I’ll never hurt you girl, you’re my best friend. If you ever need anything, I’ll drop everything for you. Drop of a hat. Quick as lightning. You deserve the world and I’ll try to help that happen by being the best friend possible.

Lucy’s blog if you want to get to know my precious angel -


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